Who seeks finds

Hello friends

Today I want to talk about a typical Italian proverb that says, he who seeks finds.

this to tell, as the latest work I've done were born.

One night before a storm, I went out to capture lightning in a photograph, a real challenge given the difficulty 'to shoot at the right time.

After several hours, and several attempts failing in my purpose, I decided to go home with a great sense of disappointment at losing time and energy without obtaining even a good image.

But dissatisfaction was too big so I decided to groped to the last occasion that the sky could give me until the end of time I decided that I would not be turned back.When, with the camera pointed at the sky after spending more time seemed like forever, I saw a series of flashes and managed instinctively to take time before the lightning vanished.

So ends this brief history, and only serves to tell you not to never stop trying, especially when you have in mind a clear goal in your mind ... keep looking, because he who seeks finds,

just as I have found my lightning!

Lightning strike storm

Bolt of lightning on night sky

Photo credits: Wvalbuena81.

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April 24, 2017


Great images... Good luck.

April 20, 2017


I agree with you. Nice photos.

April 19, 2017


great picture :)

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