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Hi all, i upgraded to a new nikon d5100.. and i am having trouble with the ISO! IN a, p AND MANUAL IT works just fine and the ISO stays where I put it., but in any of the cool features, the ISO jumps to 3200! is it me or camera error? it is a reconditioned camera.. this also happens with flash. help!

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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March 18, 2012


I have also D90, but I remember my consternation after I made first pictures and checked them on the computer... Why I bought a new camera, which produced so much noise...???, I thought. Fortunately it was not so hard to find the reason...:)
Default seting of ISO is "auto control" ON. If you go to ISO sensitivity settings in MENU you can adjust the maximum sentivity for this auto control. 3200 is the highest, you can go easily lower and "save" it.
If you use manual settings of ISO, this feature is OFF ( of course ).

Hope to help you!

March 18, 2012


Lovely dynamic image. David.

March 17, 2012


I have a D90 and that doesn't happens to me, perhaps the best source will be to see the manual, pr go to www.nikon.com

March 17, 2012


A link to a PDF manual from Nikon. support.nikonusa.com/.../user's-manual---d5100---guide

March 17, 2012


Hi Susan, it sounds like your camera could be using Auto ISO, when in "cool feature modes" this would cause a jump in ISO it probably also shoots in JPEG too! this happens when in full Auto mode, just a thought, hope this is of help to you.

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