who will get the ipad at the fool's day?

The 11,000,000th image,only 609 images left.

Who will get the ipad?It's happen at fool's day!yeah~

Two of mine are pending,haha.

Photo credits: Superdumb.


day fool ipad s

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April 01, 2011


I want it!, and i Have 5 images pending!!!

April 01, 2011


PLEASE, PLEASE ..... let it be me !!!! I have 4 pending in RF, 2 pending in Editorial ! If not .... I'll keep uploading through the 12th million image. :)

April 01, 2011


have no image been approved today so that would not be me..

April 01, 2011


Almost there online images 10,999,999... I guess I miss out again this time!

April 01, 2011


I have just one pic pending at the moment, so I guess it will be not me :D

April 01, 2011


I have only one image pending.so...

April 01, 2011


Not me, anyway :-( I was too quick with my 'this-week-bunch'. The last of them was rejected just 8 hours ago. Other were accepted but too early... I am looking forward to 12,000,000 :-)

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