So, who is worth my credit?

I have this credit to spend apparently. This is the image of mine i would spend it on - but there is no need.... I've got it!

© Amlyd

So, show me the picture you think should get my credit!

Photo credits: Amlyd.

Your post must be written in English

April 05, 2008


Hi, sorry for tardy response but i have been busy the last week. I was disappointed with the response to the blog. I naively expected a few 'entries' for consideration - but got nada. When i have time, i will follow your advise and look around for a worthy cause. I now see i have 2 credits! lol. Guess they must award them for passing each century or whatever.... thanks again for your comments

March 30, 2008


Hi, Just wondering if you ever spent that credit and which image did you choose. This is the one I chose, [imgl]http://www.4527542[/imgl]

By Shooter1247 What to put it on a coffee mug with the Caption, "Don't talk to me until Ive had my coffee" ,LOL

March 24, 2008


Hi, someone posted in another blog, that it might be nice to download an image from a newbie, I thought that was a great idea, I remember getting my first download and how great it felt, would be nice to give that feeling to someone else. I too have a credit to spend, so I think I will go find a newbie with no DLs and hope I make his or her day a little better.

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