Whoooooaaaa, We're half way there!

OK, that's my Bon Jovi reference for today, but anyway...

I'm excited to announce that I've broken the $50 mark, so I'm halfway to achieving a payout!

This is the last image sold

Not very exciting, but hey, it got me there.

Sales have been very slow for the last month for me, so I'm hoping things are picking up now.

How is everyone else doing with their personal goals here on DT?

Photo credits: Caroline Klapper.

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October 18, 2007


I hope the next half contains songs as Livin' on a Prayer! Bring those back please, I am sure their sales will increase too. :)))

October 17, 2007


Thank you! I just hope my sales pick up.

October 17, 2007


nice, you will reach it soon. i still remember the feeling when i have it.

October 17, 2007



I don't have a particular goal financially yet. I'm just working toward 100 photos up (at 94 so far). Keep going, you've got a good portfolio!

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