Why do I like DT...

We all are human beings. We all can be tired. We all are not able to be always right. But we all can speak to each other politely and constructively trying to explain what we think and what we want. Respecting each other. And DT, on my opinion, is very suitable place to be human beings.

Are you agree, colleagues? You aren't?! But you have to...

Lately I uploaded three images. Here they are:

All the three were rejected. Surely, I was upset. But I wrote to support. Trying to explain that reasons of rejection seemed to be wrong for me. Because (1) ... (2) ... and (3) ... Putting arguments in front of them. I finished with polite request to re-consider images. As a result, they have been moved from 'Refused files' to 'On line files'.

I only would like to say that DT is a good place for calm and constructive conversations. And that's why I like DT.

I wish you all to be always constructive, polite and calm. We all will be winners, then.

Are you agree, colleagues? You aren't?! But you have to...

Photo credits: , Igor Sokalski.

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March 04, 2011


nice pics and good luck.

March 03, 2011


I totally agree with you... This situation also happened to me: I asked the support team, and then my images went from the "refused files" into my portfolio ... That was so cool! DT rocks! ;)

March 03, 2011


I have done the same... Congratulations.

March 03, 2011


I agree. I've had a lot of rejections and there's a few that I strongly felt about that I contacted support for and received positive, polite, and encouraging responses to. DT is my only agency so I can't make comparisons, all I know is with DT admins you are assured that you are dealing with professionals who will treat you with respect. And it didn't take long that I felt that I am a part of a unique community here!

March 03, 2011


I´m agree with you, congrats for your images!

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