Why Do You Love Photography?

Anyone reading at Dreamstime loves taking photos! Even though we have our favorite subjects, we are always ready to capture unexpected moments in time which catch our eyes and hearts. Most of us taking part in Dreamstime have probably loved taking photos for many years. That is true of me. As a child, I used to take photos of my Arabian horse models in the winter on top of packed snow to capture desert scenes. At this stage of life (the “sunset years”) my favorite subject is quite appropriately sunset scenes.

Lavender and Gold Velvet Sunset with Tree Silhouette

Did you ever ask yourself why you love taking pictures? What makes us so passionate about photography? Of course I cannot answer for you, dear reader, but for me I love to capture what I perceive to be beautiful scenes or objects, capturing beauty so to speak. Some people might drive right past an old weathered tree, but every time I go past this old tree I have to admire it against the sky. Do things like this capture your eye?

Old Dead Tree Against Clouds and Blue Sky

Who sees beauty in rocks around the base of a tree?

Sandstone Rocks at Base of Tree

Or metal design against a blue sky?

Metal Art and Blue Sky

Why do we have to grab our camera in awe at power lines against an unusual lavender sunset?

Power Lines Against a Stormy Sunset

Whatever drives your passion to photograph, we probably can all agree with Confucius, who stated: “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Wishing you all happy roads to beautiful photos!

Country Dirt Road, Bright Blue Sky and Puffy White Clouds

Photo credits: Donna Schwieder.

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October 26, 2016


Love your photos - especially the sunsets - awesome :)

October 15, 2016


Anais Nin said that she wrote "to taste life twice." I think this also applies to photography for me. To hold a moment still, so that I can go back to it and share it with others, is a big part of the process for me.

October 12, 2016


I would like to add some more possible reasons:
A hunter instinct: we are all decendents of the prehistoric hunters gatheres people, and we have the urge to "catch" a scenery.
The other side of this instinct is the need to gather and posses our catch, and keep it, much like cpllecting coins or any other items.
Some of us have a need to tell a story, and we collect street sceneries with a story (it does not matter if the streets are in the jungles and the actors are wild animals).
Our pictures can also be used to decorate ourselves, when posted to facebook for "likes".

October 09, 2016


Nice blog. One useful Mark from me

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