Why does this simple picture has so many downloads of my on line photos

This picture has the most downloas of my online photos in current.It is not shoot by a camera, but it is made by a software named 3D max ,In the picture is only a football on the grassland, and the most importantly is this picture is very easy to create by a software.

But I am so amazing, This simple picture has so many downloads actually. In opposite , my another photo which had took the most time and vigours of mine to create it, Just have 0 download and 24 views.

© Luming

Photo credits: Lu Ming.

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I would agree with comments already made, and say that it also probably has more uses to the clients that buy here. Who knows on another site it may be the other way around?


Thanks a lot for all your advice and comments.


I totally agree with Artistar! I have the same expierence with my photos! You never know ...


if you could add soccer ball to your key words, it might also be beneficial. it is what would be recognized as a soccer ball in the US


Sometimes the power of an image is in it simpleness.

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