Why don't increase the level of subscription?

I think that the price of selling in DT should be reviewed by management. For example, my last 20 picture sold just 4 are with credits and 16 (!!) are with subscriptions at 0.42$ each

I can comprehend that we earn on volume and not on the single picture sold, but I think that most of use of these picture are for blog or internet so people buy just small size.

The cost and the the effort to shot original picture (and the effort also to improve the skills in PS for example) have a value more than 0.42$ per picture.

My numbers of sells are increasing constantly but my earning are going down fast.

What's your opinion?

Photo credits: Andrea La Corte.

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September 27, 2013


what does it means?

September 26, 2013


Nothing new here and yet people still come to the party.

September 26, 2013


Also 0.00000000000001 > 0 but when you get a job for 1$/hour for your professional support I think that something is wrong

September 25, 2013


0.42 > 0

September 25, 2013


All sells add, but yes sometimes is frustrating, my average RPD is $1.96

September 24, 2013


I'm starting to get frustrated, because I also have 12 sales in a row a sub.

September 23, 2013


Yes, correct. Then, we need to add the value of the camera, lenses, travel, time to work them...I think that is not acceptable...

September 22, 2013


I understand your concern, personally what I find somewhat frustrating is that a picture which is currently on level 5 can still give a revenue of only 0.40 $!
Much is this month the RPD has improved in my case, in general the trend is to stay at around 1$ average per image.

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