Why Dreamstime don't sell video footage?

Yes, is it a good question, no? ;-)

There are many (and many!) microstock websites, but how many sell video footage? I only know three of them!

It's a really less offer for customers... and for contributors! Personnally, I make some little "real" video footages with my Nikon and some "basic" digital footages (computer calculated).

And now, it's easier for lots of contributors, because 90% of the SLR camera can make video footage.

I think, it's really strange that Dreamstime doesn't offer footage to sale..

I can't sell it here, but when I sell one footage, commission are really higher than an image!

Photo credits: Shkyo30.

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November 23, 2011


+1 I would definetly upload to Dreamstime my clips.

August 25, 2011


Maybe there isn't much of a market, although my local news seems to use a lot of stock footage (images and video). It would be nice from a contributor standpoint to upload video clips.

August 25, 2011



August 25, 2011


Yeah need to have videos soon... i have 30 footage ready for sale... make by adobe after effects

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