Why I Chose Dreamstime

After investigating a number of stock photography sites, I have decided to concentrate exclusively on one of the top tier sites: Dreamstime.

I am new, just starting out, with a long road ahead of me as I build up my portfolio.

I chose this site for several reasons.

* First, it has one of the highest payouts of all the microstock sites while it charges very competitive rates for downloads. In other words, it is fair to both designers and contributors.

* Second, it accepts rasterized illustrations, which is the kind that I create (I do not do vector illustrations).

* Third, it accepts a wide range of file sizes, which means that I can submit very large files (my camera takes 21 megapixel files) or I can crop way down to a 3 megapixel file if that is necessary.

* Fourth, it has an extremely well-designed site (I understand that it has just recently been redesigned) with clear directions, buttons, and a pleasing arrangement of information, resources, and functional areas.

* Fifth, it has a great message forum that covers a lot of topics and has a very positive atmosphere. I have already had several questions answered very quickly.

* Sixth, the standards are very high for acceptable images. I know that my accepted photographs and illustrations will be in very good company!

* Seventh, support is fast, accurate, and very helpful.

* Eighth, I have seen that the editors are responsive to input from the photographers and designers.

* Ninth, I really like the fact that every image is reviewed. I have read in the forums of other sites that, once they have passed their initial submission tests, certain photographers try to "slip through" inferior images within a batch upload, knowing that only a few images will be reviewed. This will not happen at Dreamstime.

* And last but not least, according to everything I have read (including books about microstock photography as well as online sources), Dreamstime is one of the most successful and innovative of the microstock companies.

To others who are also just starting to explore stock photography: Welcome! Lots of us are exploring this new world together, with help from others along the way!

I believe that Dreamstime will be around for a long time and will continue to be successful and innovative. I am happy to be a new contributor and plan to keep my images exclusive to Dreamstime at least for now. Dreamstime has a great balance between high standards and a friendly, responsive, creative atmosphere.

Good Job, Dreamstime! Happy to be here! :)

Karuna Imaging ("Karunaimaging")

Photo credits: Karunaimaging.

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Thanks! it is great to know that others agree with me. I appreciate the comment about my portfolio, too. It is very slow going at first, but I am hoping to make steady progress at uploading images as time passes.

Good Luck to everyone out there, whether you just starting out or whether you are a longtime contributor. And thanks, Dreamstime, for your excellent policies and highly functional site! It is a pleasure to be here and I have learned a great deal already!


Good luck and welcome to DT. Your portfolio is looking very good so far. You are so right about all you said regarding DT. It is, without a doubt, the best site around.


Not only that, we can go on on with points, for sure it will reach 100 best points for being in DT. anyways enjoy your stint in DT.


Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate them!


I've looked at other micro sites but haven't found any that tick all of the boxes like Dreamstime does. I totally agree with you. :0)


Nicely stated. For me another key reason to go exclusive was that DT actually did provide results and deliver on sales!


I agree with you!

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