Why I do not have pictures sell it?

I have always DT picture sale of very few. In particular, recently, it was actually nothing to download.Although I know my picture in a multi-editorial pictures, but I know this is not the cause. Dear friends, I want to hear your suggestions, some comfort, or let me continue to DT full of confidence.Thank you!

Photo credits: Jianbinglee.

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Thanks for Rosedarc 's enthusiasm advice!I have to seriously consider your words.


You've got some great photos in your portfolio, but after a quick look it seems to me that many are editorial pictures linked to the Chinese way of life. I think that in your case, you should not be exclusive with DT as their market share in Asia is still small. Maybe you should explore other local agencies that have a stronger foothold in China. Or you should try to diversify and find themes that have a broader appeal.


I would like to thank my friends reply, as well as analysis and comfort.You are right.First, the international economic downturn.Second, upload the picture of the subject matter should be diversified.Third, image upload, be patient.


Hello! I feel the Asian photo in "DT" seems not very popular, especially China. I shaanxi.


I'm still a newcomer here on DT but my photos of my city, specially the ones at night, sold rather good lately - so perhaps you live in a great town you want to show the rest of the world? - I like your photos, especially the sport ones! I can also only agree to what the others said!


I also think in your portfolio there are very good images but you have to wait something more as many of your image were uploaded recently. In my experience many sales start 8 months after the uploading date.
I think also sales may be low when in a portfolio there are a lot of images of the same theme.


Looking at the above images......... my inclination would be to come in close where possible .............. but we all seem to be having a difficult time at present. I hope things improve. David.


Second me you're still writing for a short time, you have to wait to make a significant number of sales, you have a great portfolio, the more your confidence to Dreamstime!

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