So ... why am I doing this ?

I am relatively new to stock photography ... and to photography in general. I am what you would call a "minor contributor" for Dreamstime since I am not doing photography as a full time occupation ... (note to self - maybe I should!). I would like to hear / read your story about getting involved or even falling in love with photography and especially with stock photography.

Here is my story. My "dayjob" is in the software release management area. And I say dayjob because with 2 little kids I started stock photography as an "after 22:00 job"

But what got me started ?

Actually this photo of a friend who heard of and pursued stock photography some one and a half year before I even heard of this concept. I knew he purchased a relatively expensive camera (compared to the point-and-shoot "soapbox" I had at that time) but I didn't really knew or cared what he was actually doing with it, until one day he showed me a national magazine from where we live with his little girl as an illustration to one of the columns.

He surely got my attention ... and after seeing the quality of the photos ( I must have been a technology freak - still am ;-) ) I got hooked. Soon after that evening I have purchased my first DSLR and started to learn what it can do - with frequent telephone calls and "let's have a beer" moments with my friend (he goes by the name Icefront). I don't know what pushed me ahead more ... the beers or the excitement of discovering new things every day ;-) ... but here I am after one year of learning ... and earning!

I have learned a lot in the year that has just passed only to realize how little I know.

In a year - with that extraordinary help always at hand - I have been published in the same magazine my friend showed me, with my little red traveler girl photo.

It's a great moment by the way to find one of your pictures printed somewhere ... So ... I'm in this business "for fame and fortune" :-))) And thank God I got up from my PC to go out and ... do something else ... while shooting it of course. Most of the areas of (stock) photography are still virgin for me, so I look forward with great anticipation ...

Bottom line : It's a great hobby and a great business opportunity (if you put in the effort)

Thank You Icefront for pointing me in this direction.

Photo credits: Icefront, Lightkeeper.

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November 11, 2014


Hi there Lightkeeper! I saw one of your photos (ID18713195) on the back of a magazine of the Christian organisation Tot Heil des Volks in Amsterdam. (It was part of a christmas invitation) I was excited to recognize my first dreamstime image in my own house!!
Cheers! Keep the Light shining!

Anita (Letuve)

December 04, 2007


Docendo discimus...

Thank you for the good words, Arpad. It's really nice to read them.
We still have to spend a lot of time together to change/share some good ideas.

So... let's have a beer ;-)

November 30, 2007


Great story ans great portfolio, Arpad!

November 30, 2007


I loved photos for as long as I remembered -- I always had scrap books as a child to adult -- as I grew I kept thinking I wish I could change this, or that about the photo --Funny I grew up to be a graphic designer and photo retoucher...LOL --I love it still.......... Photography has come to be more of a love since I got my Nikon camera -- now I want a SLR -- hear me Santa? (I've been good.....)! --- I'm seriously thinking of having my own photo studio. Stock photography is great because I see little things all around that would make a great image. It's like my camera is part of my limbs now!

November 30, 2007


thank you man

November 30, 2007


What a SWEET little girl! Great model.

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