Why I Hate Stock Photography For Web Design

I came across this video the other day and I thought I would share it here for some inspiration.

Why I Hate Stock Photography For Web Design

This is not my video.

All rights belong to Michael Locke.

I am posting this video as inspiration for all photographers on DT. I think that Michael Locke has some valid points in this video.

Sure, I will agree the most purchased images on stock photography websites have been extremely overused (Top 10 images in 'business' have been downloaded nearly 6,000 times here on DT!) But keep searching and you will find great images with much fewer sales.

92 downloads currently

594 downloads currently

Both of these photos above are very similar but one has over 500 more sales! Without looking would you be able to tell which one has a pile of sales?

Let me know what you think here in the comments I would love to hear from you!

Photo credits: Yuri_arcurs.

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January 15, 2012


I understand his point of wanting images that have been used by no one else but for $100 i don't think that is going to be a choice for many people. Aside from that I think that stock photography is a no-brainer. For $100 could your friend take nearly 13 million (just on DT!) high quality photos for you to choose from? I doubt it haha. I guess it all comes down to how much the web designer/client is willing to spend to have one of a kind images on their site.

January 15, 2012


to pay 100 USD for custom photography sounds like a good idea, however : Imagine you live in Sweden and need a tropic countryside picture. There are not many friends to go to Mauritius for 100 USD and make custom pictures for you. On the contrary somebody who lives in LA would not travel hundreds of miles to make a custom pictures with snow peaks for you to earn 100 bucks... OK the custom pictures scope is sometimes limited. And 100bugs is not so much to make something really custom.... as for overuse you can avoid to download pictures with not so many downloads done so far.

January 15, 2012


I like the part about "or give a friend $100 and have them take some custom shots". Anyone would agree that custom photography creates a more unique, umm customized website. Quality may or may not be better than stock depending on the photographer hired. But obviously stock exists and is widely used because it is more cost effective than hiring a photographer. If the designer chooses the same photographs that everyone else is using then its up to the customer to be aware that they are handing them a overused design.

January 14, 2012


Good luck using super hero shots taken yourself, wait for Marvel to come knocking on your door :-)

January 14, 2012


ahahahah I'm watching the video... buy a camera and learn how to use, is not so hard...is telling this...c'mon
I can do my personal site alone too, is only mine and is cheaper but I'm not a web design, If I want I can, but if I want a professional job I need a professional.
when I go to some new advertising agency to introduce myself,the fact is this, they tell to me: we use few photographers, we use stock sites, do you know them?... and I : yes a little...

January 13, 2012


The image with redjumper/ shirt probably does better. David

January 13, 2012


Thanks for sharing, it is a great discussion video, I guess he is right in many things.

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