Why I Love Dreamstime Photographers

My name is Carolanne by the way. I am an Author/Poet/Graphic Designer/Marketing, Promotions & Advertising mad creative demon for my publishing company. I do so much more than that, but I'll have to set up a proper profile for that or you can visit my inbox and I'll give you the websites where you can find me.

I use Dreamstime because one, of course, there are affordable & beautiful photographs available for my many projects. And just so you know, I think you all are the most talented photographers I have found.

© Dash

I use most of the photographs I find on here for advertising and backgrounds for the Ecstasy Newsletter of which I am the Editor/Creative Designer & a columnist. And others for creating book covers & ads for authors, Independent artists, business owners & entrepreneurs that come to me for advertising needs. I also, use MANY of the photographs I obtain here for my own book promotion. I do plan on putting a light box or begin a list on my design page with all of my favorite photographer's work in it so I hope to be able to get most of you on there in the near future.

I wrote this because I just wanted Dreamstime to know how much I really appreciate you all and your amazing work!

C.D.Grant (Grant Design Concepts)

Photo credits: Daniel Dash.

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Yes it is nice to have feedback.And I also agree that DT has some great photographers .Thanks so much for your blog


Carolanne, I must say that you are a very beautiful mad creative demon! :))) Nice to hear your words from the other side of the moon! :)))


Thank you it is nice to hear words of encouragement from a designer. Keep up the good work.


You are all quite welcome! I meant every word! Thank you again, all of you for such beautiful work!


Thanks a lot! Your nice words encourage me to shoot more!


Wow! That was really nice!


Nice to hear words from a buyer. Thanks!


Thank you for your kind words :)


I am very happy to see that buyer of our images comes and says nice words about authors... Thanks for so kind and nice words Carolanne!


Its really nice to hear to hear some appreciation from buyers. This being the first one i have seen. Many thanks for writing this blog.


Dear Carolanne, I like so much how you have described yourself in the very beginning of your blog :-) "mad creative demon" that´s very expressive. I wish you a lot of wonderful ideas and successes with your creation and be sure that it is so nice to hear words of appreciation. Have a wonderful mood!


Many thanks, Carolanne. It's nice to have feedback from a buyer once in a while! :)


Hello! I love to write poetry also! Thank you so much for writing this blog! It's really nice to hear from the designers!


thats so nice to hear madam! :)


nice to hear something from the other side.
Doesnt happen often


Hi, nice to hear from the designers point of view!


Thanks, it's nice to look over the fence and see the other side.


Carolanne, as the others said, thank you so much for your blog. Sometimes, especially when you are new to this industry, it feels like you are just shooting in the dark trying to find your "place". It really helps getting feedback from people like you who use our work. Thanks!


Hi Carolanne, I agree with the comments made by others it is really nice to see buyer/designer showing some form of appreciation and since I have been here, you are the only one that has, I am sure there are many more that will read this and have the same sort of comments to make but it is very much appreciated and hopefully as Creativei has suggested, it will not be the last time we hear from you. Looking forward to the website link to get an idea of what your company promotes etc...


WOW, thanks for introducing yourself, its nice to know and hear from the people that use our images!


Thanks, I guess this is one of the first blog from a buyer, even our company does lots of buying but non of our editor or staff bother to write a comment let alone a blog. Really appreciate your inputs, and opportunity to get to know the buyers. Would like to see more blogs from you. or even some of your poetry.

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