Why I Love Events

I adore photographing events. I shoot the small concerts that take place at the campus coffee shop I volunteer at, I shoot at birthday parties, I shoot at parades and protests. And I love them all. Each has a certain feel, a different flavour.

Luckily for me, this year has been very eventful. With Wisconsin politics going mad, there were plenty of rallies on campus to attend. This summer, I performed at an art gallery during an event (in the photo above) and at my dance studio for Gallery Night.

So if your city is ever hit with a blizzard, having a festival, or doing anything interesting, grab your camera and check it out! Editorial images are a great way to increase traffic to your portfolio.

Photo credits: Lita Medinger.

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August 12, 2011


That`s true! Editorial pictures are awesome! You can find very nice expressions over there! Good job!

August 12, 2011


You're right, well done.

August 12, 2011


Hi, I agree with you! You will see that these images will sell so much! Good luck and good day!

August 11, 2011


Thanks for sharing! Your editorial photos are great! Congrats and good luck!

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