Why I love kretek cigarettes

I know, smoking is not healthy and also in this time it

Kretek cigarettes are made from tobacco and cloves and in the past were made for people with asthma. That smell is really nice. These rokok cengkeh are stronger than normal cigarettes and cheaper. And in my opinion, that smell is one of the most typical smells in Indonesia.


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Indonesian Kretek Cigarettes

Indonesian Kretek Cigarettes

Photo credits: Nikol Senkyrikova.

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March 22, 2015


I tried this cigarette (DJI SAM SOE) myself for quite period of time, specially in a cold/rainy season. You also may notice when there's someone around smoke it, cause the smell is quite distinctive. It helps cure my cough sometimes (maybe with some other suggestion).

March 21, 2015


Suddenly my half soul flies to Indonesia, hugging my dear father.. :D
This is his favorite ciggarete.. Thanks for sharing this DJI SAM SOE, nikol.. :) Good luck on sales!

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