Why I love Norfolk

Norfolk is a mainly rural county in eastern England and I have lived here for most of my life and have never had any great yearning to move away. The reason being is it's such a lovely county with it's rural landscape and amazing coastline, why would anyone want to move?! There are so many things that come to mind when I think of Norfolk, the quiet country lanes.

Country lane in Autumn.

Also the variation of different woodlands that are scattered around the county like this one near Sandringham with Silver Birch and ferns looking wonderful as the sun filters through the trees.

Woodland light and shade.

Norfolk also has the largest concentration of medieval churches in the world with 635 still standing today like this round towered Saxon church first built in the 900's AD.

Historic English round towered church.

From farmland to woodland and coast the wildlife is abundant and one of the best counties in England to see a huge variety of animals and birds.

Muntjac or Barking deer.

I'm not sure what this seal is laughing at ?

Common or Harbour Seal - Phoca vitulina, yawning.

A flock of Knot wading birds on the Norfolk coast, England, UK.

Another thing which I love is the people and old traditions that are still carried on today such as reed cutting, shell fishing and thatching to name a few.

Reed cutter at work.

This mussel fisherman is in his 80's and reluctant to retire despite his age and I don't blame him if he still enjoys what he does.

Mussel fisherman in boat.

Thatching - Thatched Roof - England

Also one of the things Norfolk is well known for is it's big skies and it's a place artists and photographers love whether it's inland or on the coast there are some great pictures to be had.

Stunning poppy field at sunrise in Norfolk UK

Skies ablaze in Cromer town

I hope you too can see why I love Norfolk so much!

Photo credits: Keithpritchard, Steve Allen, Mreco99, Patrick Gosling, Stuartan.

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October 10, 2019


Thank you Mahimathpal.

October 09, 2019


Vare nice picture and amza 

October 07, 2019


I hope are are enjoying your visit despite the weather this week, if you were on the roads on Sunday you probably needed a boat! I'll look forward to seeing some pics of where you visited and if you see someone foraging or bait digging that could be me!

October 07, 2019


Great pictures to go with your descriptions. Have to agree with the big skies too, especially as we're currently visiting Norfolk for the first time.

October 07, 2019


Thank you for your comment William.

October 07, 2019


Wow, the images really capture a sense of a peaceful, simple life. Very nice. Thanks for writing about Norfolk! William 

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