Why I photograph construction

Hello, dear friends. I'm Valery. And I want to tell you how I became a staff photographer.

I used to work as a photographer in a Studio. I photographed families, different people, children. I also took pictures of my family. I had read and knew a little about the photostocks. And I did not seem particularly interesting photostocks. At some point my life changed. I met a girl and we settled in a small town. I had free time and a new camera.

I started filming again. I took pictures of his girlfriend, nature, house. We traveled with the camera around the neighborhood. I wanted my photos to be useful for people. To be seen.

I was thinking about the photo shoot. I uploaded some photos from the description. Some of my photos were more popular. Here are my first photos .

Red percent sign on a background of money .

I didn't even think the most popular pictures would be construction and new homes. It turned out that they are the most popular !

The keys to the apartment in the background of a house .

I was trying to make collages for new housing. And they became popular too. Here are examples of my first collages.

Panorama of the building in the background money .

I also started taking pictures of construction equipment. Especially construction cranes. I was inspired by the construction.

Watch how to grow a new home – wonderful.

Panorama of the building in the background money .

Also, my girlfriend worked in the construction industry and needs new photos for the site and photos for the company's calendar. This is getting even more interesting.

So I became interested in photographing industrial facilities, construction and engineering. It turned out that it is beautiful and very popular. Here are examples of my favorite photos

The keys to the apartment in the background of the facade of the house .

Photo credits: Valery Sergeev.

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January 25, 2019


To simply say "I want to be a photographer" is so broad. Truly, as revealed in your article, there are so many sub-catagories of "photographer" and niches to be filled. Great article! William

January 10, 2019


No doubt if the construction wheel is going fine in a place it reflects on all the economy! So imagine the demand on photos! Great shots!

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