Why modelling is not easy!

You may think it's easy to model, I know I did until I had my first studio shoot. Before the shoot I really believed modelling was about standing there and looking pretty, maybe giving a few poses, what could be so difficult about that?

It's not easy!! These models must go to bed early before a shoot, wake up early, and start to prepare their skin, hair, face etc for the upcoming shoot. Once they arrive, straight into hair and make-up, where they might have to sit for over an hour getting their make-up done, and they may have to wait another hour or so for the curlers or hairstyling to set also.

Finally they make it into the studio, and in front of the lens, they need to PERFORM! Firstly they need to be bright eyes and bushy tailed, then they need to give something to the camera.. this is something I believe is the x-factor. Some people just give SOMETHING, that you cannot put words on, to the camera, and it's all about the eyes, but also about the body language and attitude, whether sad, happy, exuberant, across a whole range of emotions.. and it's about making the emotion look genuine, even if it isn't!

Lastly, and this is also to do with the x-factor, some models skin reflects light beautifully, again, I can't explain this, it seems to be some kind of photogenic gene they posses without even knowing it, but you will know as a photographer, the minute you start to shoot this person, when the light bounces off their face and creates some kind of magic in the camera.

These are the rare breed of model that were born to do it, and you should tell them so, because you know by giving them confidence, you are sending them onto another photographer, who will get a lovely surprise when they see the images from their shoot, and when you photograph a model with this quality, believe me you will not be able to stop raving about them!

So, just remember, modelling isn't easy, and when you get a good model, treat him/her nice, and tell them how great they are because they deserve it!!

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October 04, 2008


Hi Litifeta!
It totally depends on the friend.. I have taken photos of friends that have a natural ability to model, and I have taken photos of friends that just can't do it no matter how hard they try.. I think the trick really is, if you decide to have a friend model for you, be nice in your direction, so just try and coax it out of them, rather than kind of sighing and just telling them nothing is working.. if they still end up being terrible, even after direction and your best efforts, try and get one or two good shots to give them, and then leave it at that..

You are right though, it's not worth losing a friend over, the only advantage of working with a friend, is that if they are good, they will give that extra something to the camera because they feel so comfortable with you, so it's a call you have to make yourself!

It is easier to work with professional models, but again it depends on the model, some professionals have their own ideas about a shoot, and may want you to shoot them a certain way, so you need to make it clear that you are the director, and you decide how the shoot is going to go! On the other hand, other professional models will do anything you ask of them, they know how to find the light, and they can save you days of work so again, it depends so much on the person, how you relate to them, and your personality and method of directing people!

October 04, 2008


I have never worked with models, or people. I really would like to know more Hilary. If I am to take pics of people, I believe it would be better to pay a model than burn your relationship with people you know. I also read some stock photographers talk about how easy it is to work with people who are professional models.

October 04, 2008


yes,that is my questions too!!

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