Why are my images not selling ?

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Yes, I am very new at this, however getting impatient. I joined Dec. 14th 2008 and as of today have 26 images on line. Only two have been uploaded ! What's wrong ?I'm hoping someone out there in DT's land can give me some advice.With great appreciation,Tarja

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Thank you to all for your nice comments and advice


great photos.I agree upload more and put more keywords


Besides having only 26 images, among nearly 5 million, you should add more keywords to your images. I noticed for example that in the pictures of the child, you don't have the word, "kid". Or in the pictures of the dogs and the horses, you don't have the words "animal" or "animals." People won't find the pictures if they don't come up in searches. I think if you have 2 sales in only 1 month with only 26 images and so few keywords, then you'll definitely see an increase with more keywords and more images.
And of course, be patient.


My advise is to be patient and constantly add to your portfolio. Add as many relevant keywords to your images as you can.
It can take awhile to start getting alot of sales. When I first started DT I had a few images to choose from and it took a year to get that first payday, but now even though I have only a little over 300 images I make at least minimum payout a month and it grows everytime I add images. It doesn't hurt to be exclusive either, unless you intend to sell your images on other stock sites, that is.


You need to add many more images (a couple of hundred will do the trick) a you need to wait a bit longer. It takes a few month for the new images to be "found". Your pictures are really nice and I am sure the sales will come.


Cause buyers can't find them. That's a major problem with small portfolios. Your images are great, nothing wrong with them. Fultonsphoto knows the secret. :)


Keep on going, as far as my own PF goes, I don't have the best track record as far as sales go but am trying hard to upload as many as possible and build a PF of diversity, with this and patience I am sure the sales will follow, as they will for you in time.


Try to get to 50 uploads as soon as possible then become an exclusive photographer with Dreamstimes. It improves your pictures visibility to potential purchasers.


Thank for the encouragement. I will wait for a new inspiration to hit and I WILL enjoy the journey !Tarja


I joined Nov 2007 and, i have 58 images online. Only 12 were downloaded. In my opinion it is very hard to find some original images, which were not uploaded milion times before. It has no sense to upload apples, ducks, trees and so on. Try to find something specific.


It takes time my friend, This is not going to happen in a month or two.
Be happy you have a couple of sales with 26 online. Many didn't.

Your portfolio should be looked at like fine wine. With age you will get more sales.

Keep adding to it and take a breath. It will happen with time.

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