And why not load SVG files?

This is a question that I think for some time.

When we load an additional file, it must be modified by those who buy it.

Eps files don't always allow a change that is not in order of the dimensions (with those created in gimp you can just change the size, tested on mine images), but in recent months I seemed to understand that graphics need something more than this simple changing and I cann't deny that the EPS files created are quite heavy (many MB).

In your opinion, would not be a good idea to also load the SVG files? Any decent program read this format and easily export in this format (well, at least it does inkscape). A SVG file also weigh a few mb (my not exceed 5 MB), and they can offer, in addition to changing the size, the replacement or removal of "undesirable" objects .

If we consider that many experts prefer not to use the eps file, opting rather for TIFF, SVG would be a good solution.

What do you think?

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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December 26, 2011


it can be possible: one of the possible future way for microstock!

December 26, 2011


Being anle to load svg would be really helpfull. I hope dreamstime will think about implementing soon.

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