Why oh Why?

Why is it that every single time I near the $100 payout mark my sales slow waaaaay down?

I've been selling 1-3 photos almost every day for awhile UNTIL I had earned about $95, and then...almost nothing. I'm less than $2 from payout and it has taken me a week to get from $95 to $98!

I know some will say "A watched pot never boils" or something like that, but I swear sales really do slow down when I'm almost at payout.

Anyone else experience this "Payout Paradox?"

Photo credits: Caroline Klapper.

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November 13, 2008


hi, i was surprised, i always had his, but didn't notice or think bout it, now I'm 2 dollar short for payment and waiting since 1 week.

November 13, 2008


Hey girlfriend!
Don't worry.. the best thing to do is :
1: keep your eye out on the keyword search...... located main page under the latest tab.

food various, letter write, group old people, music pop, feed fish, dream pursuing, beautiful kitchen, flag mountain, fee fish, america central, cheese stick, bra teen, public sale, ornate, city new square times york, fortune teller, traitor, background floral golden, background blue xmas, businessman doctor, background butterfly white

2: do what you can do some photography around the latest and popular searches..

3: upload at least 5 to 10 photos every three days.. don't upload all at once.. keep your days spread out.. that way your photos will be first on the search and spread out..

4: keep smiling and keep your goals!


Miss ya!

November 13, 2008


You may sell 1-3 /day on average, but do you ever see it slow down on any random week, etc? I just notice that mine are like a roller coaster. One week will be really slow, one week will be really heavy, same for months.

November 13, 2008


I think you're right! :) It's strange but it happen to me, too some days ago :) I was waiting for my last 2$ to get my first 100$ for 3-4 days. And after I reached them I had 5 sales for 2-3 hours and 10$ for 2 days. I hope to see how it's going to be with my next 100$ soon :)

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