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Why oh Why?

Why is it that every single time I near the $100 payout mark my sales slow waaaaay down?

I've been selling 1-3 photos almost every day for awhile UNTIL I had earned about $95, and then...almost nothing. I'm less than $2 from payout and it has taken me a week to get from $95 to $98!

I know some will say "A watched pot never boils" or something like that, but I swear sales really do slow down when I'm almost at payout.

Anyone else experience this "Payout Paradox?"

Photo credits: Caroline Klapper.

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November 13, 2008


You may sell 1-3 /day on average, but do you ever see it slow down on any random week, etc? I just notice that mine are like a roller coaster. One week will be really slow, one week will be really heavy, same for months.

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