Why our Referral Program is the best?

Ever wondered about the differences between various Referral/Affiliate Programs out there? Behind PR strategies and campaigns, there are real differences one should consider. Although I'm referring mainly to the Stock Photography programs, the facts listed below can be easily applied to any other program you might be interested in.

Why do we say Dreamstime's the best?

There is no other program in stock photography to offer as many advantages as we do. While competitor sites may offer one or two of the items below, none of them include all options granted by our program. These options award you best revenue, bring you most referees and all these for the longest timespan in the industry.

The final goal is to provide a highest $ amount to our partners (you) who promote Dreamstime.

Why does it matter whom you're advertising for?

Make most of your site's traffic by directing it to the best paying partner. If you advertise several agencies, most of your visitors will choose ONLY ONE, depending on how appealing the ad (banner, badge, short description etc.) is to them.

Ensure you get paid for all visitors who register. Most agencies will not award contributors you refer because photographers may not be part of their referral program. Not only do you lose a referree, but you miss on revenue.

Who we award 10% for?

You receive 10% of all purchases made by paying customers and 10% of each sale made by a contributor/photographer registered as your referrees. If your referree is both contributor and buyer, you will receive revenue for both site activities. While buyers are more frequent as referred members, many fellows promoting Dreamstime earn a lot from referring contributors. At 10% each, you need only to refer 10 contributors to get as much revenue as you would obtain from sales of an entire portfolio!

It may depend on who visits your site, but why not monetize all potential visitors? Most best selling photographers were referred by someone, why not you being that someone?

Any tricks?

There is no catch here. We award 10% of the WHOLE purchase price for ALL purchases made during this time interval. Unlike other agencies we use the actual price that a designer pays NOT a Net value (our profit after removing photographer royalties). A Net value for reference would be significantly lower for you.

Is there a maximum cap?

Other agencies will award only "the first purchase but no more than $50 per referred buyer". We don't have any limit beside the 3 years. If a customer will spend several thousands of USD during this time interval, the 10% is rightfully yours.

What links do your referees have to use?

Any link listed on our site that includes your referral id. It's that simple. The only agency that awards contributors - beside Dreamstime - will require different links, depending on the user's profile. If your visitor used the buyers' link while being a contributor, you will lose that referee.

No matter which referral link they use to reach Dreamstime, all visitors will be awarded as your referees..

What's the time limit?

After a user registers, we will award all purchases/sales made within the next 3 years, the longest time interval on the market. Most other programs will award only the first sale but almost all customers make several transactions. With Dreamstime's referral program, you will earn 10% of each and every purchase they make for the next 3 years.

Reccuring sales generate a snowball effect and higher revenue than other promoting options such as traditional advertising.

Where do they have to register?

Anywhere. If they come through your referral link, they will be memorized as your referees and assigned accordingly when they register. Other programs will require contributors to sign up on the very page where they landed. If they move further, that is a lost customer for you. Dreamstime makes sure you do not lose referrees.

Visitors can browse the site, close it and come back later. As soon as they register, they are surely your Dreamstime referees.

When/How soon do they need to register?

While most affiliate programs will not award the customer if the visit is not followed by immediate registration, our referral program memorizes him/her and will assign the user to you if registration is made in the following 30 days.

What else?

Dreamstime will award you an instant bonus of $5 (subject to review) if you submit your website link after displaying a badge. We also provide you with a large variety of badges, banners and links throughout the site, thus helping you to help us. If you're a web developer or have a friend who can help, there is also our powerful API program enabling your visitors to browse through our content directly from your own site.

Many many users enjoy the advantages of our referral program. Some are just generating residual income, while others enjoy thousands of dollars per month. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity. And secure most of your site's traffic by promoting only the agency that worths it! ;)

You can check our Referral Program here, if you haven't already done so.

If you already did, keep spreading the word! If you have any suggestions, I look forward to your comments.

Photo credits: Alain Lacroix, Icefront.

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April 15, 2011


Yeah i have Referrals but they not stock oriented and many not have uploads. Needs more helps for new in STOCK industry.... may be video tuts or more simplify interface with small text and easy steps for new Designers and Photographers.
Sorry for my bad English i from Bulgaria.

March 12, 2010


DT is great!

March 01, 2010


besides DT has the best software , which makes us to behave like a community

February 08, 2010


It is really good indeed. One of the top two, if not the best.

February 08, 2010


Great article. I have a few referees. I would like to have a few more.DT is the best!!

February 05, 2010


Dreamstime buys our weekly groceries with my referral income from less than a dozen photographers. Geez I'll have to get another job once they run out. Thanks DT! PS We eat a lot too!

February 05, 2010


yeah the same thing happened to me Creativei with my 2 affliates.
I guess it could have been a browser problem, and I too informed Carmen about it, and she told me to get the photographers to email her .and all was taken care of promptly.
yeah too, although i prefer to see my own sales going up and up,
it doesn't hurt to see a few cents added each time i visited Dreamstime .
it helps to reach payout sooner too.
lucky of course are those who have many affliates. they can even sit back and enjoy the referrals earning the money for them.
Dreamstime keeps their word, and acknowledge our concerns whenever we voice them here or when we PM to Achilles,Carmen,etc..
this is bigtime importance and why we stay with Dreamstime.

February 05, 2010


Yeah this true. I earned 5 instant bonus long back, but after that i didn't concentrate much on this. Recently I referred few fellow photographers during an event. But only two showed up in my portfolio, four others didn't. Then I informed the support and Carmen replied me and told me to inform these photographers to write to them directly and it will be counted in my account. Now this no other agency will do. Good news is I earned few cents this week from my fellow photographers sales.
Now even if you refer someone through word of mouth dreamstime pays for that. if the registered member informs DT while registering or after that by sending a email. Now this is what I call business thinking.

February 05, 2010


A very useful article. Thanks for sharing it. :)

February 05, 2010


I only hope that I will be able to use DT refferal program as much as I can!

February 05, 2010


@Elimitchell: You receive the 10% when designers purchase a subscription plan or credit package.
Your share is awarded immediately, not when they purchase images (at every download). That would require more time for you to receive your share. That's something I overlooked in the above article, thanks for bringing it up.

@Mani33 & Williamju: sites can be reviewed for bonus only when submitted from the Referral program's Page. The main criteria given are: usefulness of the site (if there are articles or was just created), exposure provided to the badge (is it on every page, is it lost among other competitors? etc.). As the only agency providing this incentive, we would like to see more creativity and our brand out of the crowd. Naturally, after reading the above, the crowd should just vanish ;)

February 05, 2010


I already know the DT referral program it is the best:)

February 05, 2010


Hello Serban, thanks for reminding us about the referral program! I would like to know what is the criteria of reviewing a referral bonus? Are there any main conditions! Thanks... Cheers :)

February 05, 2010


Dear CEO,

I've referred many contributors/buyer to DreamsTime, My blog is http://walklens.blogbus.com, can I have your attention to see whether my blog is eligible for the bonus?

Thank you and kind regards,
William Ju

February 05, 2010


Great blog and something I have never considered but will have to look into for the extra income, thanks.

February 05, 2010


This is a great article. But won't you, as the referee, also receive 10% of all the photos that they download- making it profitable to refer designers?

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