Why this picture have been viewed so much?

Why this picture have been viewed so much, I totally confused. It just onlined for two days and had been viewed more than 60 times.

It is cup with chinese traditonal design, My dad used it to drink tea every day, I feel it is beautiful so I picture it, it is a common things, many chinese family owned that one.

Is it so attractive or something else?

Photo credits: Kenliu.

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Hi, Liu. Nice photo. I am interested in the lighting you are using.


i personally think its a great photo.. also it may have been featured on one of the hompages.. that has happened to me before, and obviously those pics get lots more views


It is retro, not antique. and the Chinese word on it is "万寿无疆",which means a blessing for long life.


This image contains several excellent qualities. They are as follows: beauty, attractiveness, brilliant color and contrast, a sense of uniqueness, a foreign twist, a perfect color fit of a background selection as well as a fascinating and interesting/mysterious design. Combine all of these qualities with an awesome photographer......the rest is history or should I say history in the making!

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