Why are pictures so important ?

As an art form and a creative expression.Our brain starts to process pictures/images since the day we born.We see all kind of images around us such as faces,sceneries,animals,building,etc.

To record historical and important events and incidents.There is probably nothing the human brain is more sensitive to than the images we see but we cannot recollect the memories,hence we need photographs.We sometimes react and respond to what we see without realizing or analyzing the consequences.

To imprint into our mindset icons and logos as in commercial advertising.Pictures work like icons or a shortcut that access to our memory and trigger our feelings as if it is part of our auto reflexes.

The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"still holds true until today.

Photo credits: Sarah Van Der Heijden, Eti Swinford, Yap Kee Chan.

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Yes, agree! pictures catch moments that pass for us forever.


totally agree with you - good luck :)


Hi! I also agree with you a good pictures can tell us everything and get your imagination and insperation. Have a nice day.


I agree with you. A picture is worth a thousand words - good pictures do convey strong message across any cultural borders. Best wishes !


I agree with you! Good luck^^


I agree with you! But don't limit your memory just with the pictures you take!
Cheers ;)


Very insightful


Yes agree with you also,nice photos you chose for this article,best wishes


I totally agree with you. A picture is really worth a thousand words. Great thinking.

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