Why shooting black and white film?

The first question should be ‘why shooting film when digital image nowadays is so convenient.’ There have been plenty of discussions over the choice between digital and film. I do not intend to go into this here. Those shooting film (including myself) would still believe the supreme quality film produces. But why shooting black and white film? This is perhaps related to the debate over choosing film and digital. As a matter of fact, digital photographs could match the quality of film in most circumstances, except black and white. You could convert digital colour images into mono ones, but there is always something missing from digitally converted black and white images.

If you are still in doubt about this. Shooting large format black and white is something cannot be matched by today’s digital equipment. For someone like myself seeking ultimate perfection in images that do justice to what you try to express, I would not accept ‘enough.’ Although there is always room to improve for any image, but at least I need to convince myself that I have done the best I could with all means.

I am waiting for the day when digital technology could finally match the quality from film, black and white film.

Photo credits: Lightbrush701.

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Thank you Ariel. I guess for stock photography I would think more from a commercial point of view. You have a very lovely baby!


I agree with you. And I like your work. I just answered to your thread on film/digital in the board. I think film is not dead yet, and will not be for some time. Just that microstock is about quick and ready production. I see your photos are somewhat 'art oriented'. I really like the one with the towers. Cheers!


Thanks for your comment. I understand the clean image digital can produce. You could probably get away with digital in most photographing setting nowadays. I also have an entry level DSLR which works fine if I need quick and ready images.


Im not against film, but Im a fan of digital,

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