Why are Solar Panels Hot?

Ok, this time a question. Of my brief and limited time submitting photographs to this and other stock photography sites - my best selling pictures are solar panels.

30 sales on this site, 39 on another site, and a half-dozen more sales on various other sites.

Samples of my most popular solar panels:


Why so popular?

Is it the interest in climate change and renewable energy sources?

I wonder how they're being used?

What other "related" topics might be of great interest?

Now I'm not urging you to run out and take a bunch of solar panel shots. I'd rather have the market all to my self... (grin, wink, wink)... Seriously, competition and the free-market place create improvements for everybody - so I'd truly like to see what other people might do with this subject: solar panels.

Photo credits: David Watts Jr..

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August 17, 2007


Well, that's on the wind, or on the light ...
I like pretty much the idea that your sells are good and growing about that subject...

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