Why The Stock Agencies doesn't participate to TinEye program?

Image owners want to establish authorship of their work and also know where their images are used.

I was wondering why the stock agencies micro or macro doesn't participate to TinEye program submitting all their collections? The things would be easier for everybody and we could control better our images...The agencies can verify better if the contributors respect the exclusivities or not, everything would be easier.

Tin Eye launched this request but I don't think there are many agencies participating in...


I want to hear your oppinions about this subject.

Photo credits: 3dm1983.

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February 01, 2011


I love TinEye and it shall be great if you would be able to create something in order that nobody could stop the search with no code included in the index.html of the site. I agree that some pictures must remain private, but if a picture is private means that its owner is the real owner and don't want to share it. If I'm taken a picture from someonelse's site I cannot hide the fact and publish it like nothing had happened...I'm sure Tin Eye will find a way to go against all the sites protections, is legal and a good programmer can do it!

January 31, 2011


I keep reading about this Tin Eye, but never understood how one uses it to trace where your work is being used. I used google but only have found one of my work published by several newspapers. As a photo journalist in the ninties, my early days of photography, this is really a satisfying feeling to see my work on the front page of some financial newspaper, or what not.
One site used to also tell us where or who used our work, but they abolished this because some people abused that info and pestered the buyers. so we all lost that perk.
Yes, I like the idea of finding out who or where in the world my works have the most impact. It gives me a heads up to focus on where I should perharps relocate to .
Good article, good point, cheers.

January 31, 2011


@Corina Daniela Obertas : yes. It would be a great idea of all the micro and macro stock agencies submitted their content to TinEye. A number of agencies have done that and their content is now included in TinEye. Any agency that is interested can simply complete our content partner for http://tineye.com/content_partners We are accepting image collections of over 1 million images only at this time.

January 31, 2011


@Mani33 I am not sure what you mean by "TinEye belongs to a company that is a partner of another stock agency". We created TinEye. TinEye does not below to any company that is a partner of a stock agency. TinEye was created by us http://ideeinc.com and we are a software company located in Toronto (Canada). Hello from -18C today!

January 30, 2011


I discovered another thing...Almost all the sites in the last time add in the index some code against Tin Eye searches...I was very curious because TinEye worked so well months ago...Now it's almost impossible to find matches even if TinEye database is increasing...Especially who takes photos without paying them add in the site's index this code...And a lot of agencies are doing this in the last time...Is so sad...

January 27, 2011


@Maen: Yes, belongs, but they invited all the micro and macrostocks in.
@Georges: I think Egometza wanted to say not good for the agencies that not declare all the sales (we know very well that some re-sellers and some agencies are selling many of our pictures without paying us). Some other agencies doesn't want it because the privacy of their clients can be disturbed...But anyway is not right, we need more transparency...I'm doing serious researches on the market, there are many reverse image search engines...I'll let you know.

January 26, 2011


Interesting idea. @ Egomezta: why would it not be good for the stock agencies?

January 25, 2011


I guess for us contributors would be great... But probably not to good for microstock agencies.

January 25, 2011


TinEye belongs to a company that is a partner of another stock agency! Competition won't allow that to happen I think!

January 25, 2011


Thank for the sharing

January 25, 2011


We would not need it if buyers left a note of use.I can only think it is to much trouble for them to do this or as we are mostly non professionals they have no respect for us.

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