why so underpaid and not recognized

Find this as an invitation to view my work on dreams time and on http://www.one8edegree.deviantart.com/gallery

should i be underpaid and keep struggling , will i ever have good sales and a break through will a company hire me to do some work for them?!


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September 26, 2007


Your work is excellent and sales are going well. Just keep uploading. The more images in your portfolio the more monthly sales you’ll have.
This is the big advantage of such business that your product (images) stock will never look empty after even lots of sales, it only increases by adding new. Slow in beginning but very attractive for future. Think what are the advantages, you will have after building a handsome portfolio; no boss and harsh talks, no time bounden, more time for yourself and family, no leave worry for events and holidays, paid vocations (yes, your sale continues :-)), Free mind to be more creative and even then if you want to work with other clients, you can pick the best of them and work with less mental pressure ………… etc! ... Wish you best of luck and many many sales!

August 06, 2007


But you have more downloads than files uploaded and all from a very small portfolio?
I think you've made a great start to the stock game and your work is excellent. Keep doing what your doing and i see no problems of you making it in this business.


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