Why Use Illustrations?

Illustration aids visualization of ideas - expressing a variety of subjects and functions in a way most other representational mediums are unable to do.

Illustration can:

• Provide visual representation of something described in a piece of text

• Decorate and enhance a piece of text, a story or a poem and bring color and life to any layout

© Azuzl
• Evoke emotion, set a tone, from whimsical to serious

• Offer a variety of styles that can communicate subtle themes

• Visualize, step-by-step, a set of instructions

• Clarify complex information, ideas or objects that are difficult to describe

© Ba-mi
• Represent something that is not actually created yet (e.g., a prototype)

• Support a narrative through the unique expression of the artist

• Stress the subject matter more than the actual form of an image concept

• Expand on the science aspects of the information being provided

• Give characters in a story a face or likeness

• Link brands to ideas of humanity, self-expression and creativity

Photo credits: Azuzl, Ba-mi, Richard Hoffkins, Madartists.


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August 04, 2010


Very useful article, I gained a lot of harvest.

June 09, 2010


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

June 01, 2010


Hey, Mac!!! Thanks for the great blog!

May 29, 2010


Very well design!
Good artical.

May 29, 2010


Great illustrations Richard, your PF is always a pleasure to browse!

May 28, 2010


I recognize you!!! Glad to hear from you again! Nice blog, it makes many good points, but I still can't draw! :((

May 28, 2010


Great blog :)

May 28, 2010


Interesting blog! I love making illustrations, you can say many things...

May 28, 2010


Very nice blog.

May 28, 2010


Nice blog, nice illustrations. You're right.

May 28, 2010


You wrote a great article! Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

May 28, 2010


Nice to hear these words from an experienced illustrator like you Richard!
Have a great day :)

May 28, 2010


Sure but take more time to develop. I try to develop my illustration skills also...

May 28, 2010


Absolutely, and illustrations can be used to "beautify" text by providing a background for the text itself whereas a photograph might be too "busy" or shapes in the photo too random and detract from the text

May 28, 2010


en ... Chinese is 一目了然(be clear at a glance ), direct translation is: one eye be clear:)

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