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If you want to improve you photography skills, blogging on the subject of photography will help you to stay active in the pursuit of continuing to educate yourself. In effect, it will force you to keep learning. Gathering content for your blog, in itself, will be an excellent educational experience. Not all blogs are written by experts on the subject, in fact most probably aren't. And many blog readers enjoy following a blogger who is truly developing along the way, growing and learning together along the educational path to photography excellence.

When your skills have grown to a certain point you may also want to look into opportunities to write for other photography blogs. Many of the big blogs pay writers for their work, and blogs of all sized are accepting free guest posts in exchange for a link back to your blog. Writing your own blog will allow you the luxury to work on the skills that you want to achieve, while writing for others will push you forward in directions you may not have otherwise gone. Because if you're being paid for your blogging it is going to have to be quality writing in order to be accepted for content for their blog. Writing for other's blogs can be challenging, but it is a wonderful growth opportunity if you're willing to put in the effort.

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A perfect opportunity to start your blogging experience is right here on DreamsTime. Please share your knowledge. If there's one community that will be appreciative of your photography blogging, it's the DT community! Thank you for reading this blog.

Photo credits: Mike2focus, Julija Sapic.

Your article must be written in English

February 21, 2014


Great document with important advice.Thanks for sharing.Seeing your portfolio i see great work.congrats

November 11, 2012


Very good advice! I hope I can improve my English blog.

November 06, 2012


Thanks for sharing! It really evoked some thoughts in me.

November 05, 2012


Thanks for the comments everyone! Happy shooting this week to you all :-)

November 05, 2012


Well remember Mike, is like studying . When we write about something we will remember ideas, gain inspiration and keep the mind active. I am 100% agree.

November 04, 2012


I'm not so long ago began to pay attention to the blogs. And what I learned was a valuable experience. Thank you!

November 03, 2012


Right on Mike! As you say, blogging regularly forces you to get out there and, if nothing else, take pictures, which is what it is all about. I know from my own experience that it isn't easy to blog regularly, but I also know that every time I do, I learn something new and am reinvigorated doing what I love to do.

Thanks for posting this!

November 03, 2012


Well said! K-

November 01, 2012


My head is spinning - LOL - does blogging about writing blogs about photography help make you a better blogger or better photographer ? :). Thanks for the blog!

November 01, 2012


Good point!

November 01, 2012


You're totally right... Great blog.

November 01, 2012


Great Blog ! I keep putting it off and thinking what can I write about that would be helpful. I do enjoy reading all the blogs from the newbies to the pros. Time for me to give something back and thanks for the nudge !

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