Why Are You a Photographer?

My part of the world is called "Wisconsin” and it snowed here last night. Barely a dusting but enough to be warned of what the coming season would be. The dairy farms, for the most part, have their silage stored for the winter, the manure spread across the fields and worked back into the earth, and the waiting begins for the next spring.

Wisconsin is not a constant, it has its own regions that contrast greatly; Industrialized urban centers, pine forests, and of course, the farmland devoted to dairy.

Mountains and desert and tropical climes are not found here, and that makes Wisconsin unique from the rest of the world, but that makes the rest of the world unique in its own right. No one place can claim superiority over another though each is special.

As a photographer, I get to photograph this unique part of the world and by default, pretty much have it all to myself, relatively speaking. I have photographed Ayer’s Rock in Australia, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, but those were photographed on the run, there was no opportunity to become intimate with those landscapes. The rest of you are free to come here to photograph the Wisconsin barns and pastures, but not like I can. So, yeah, I have them all to myself the same as one of you may have Ayer’s Rock all for your very own.

That makes us all lucky for being where we are.

I was out today photographing, but I did not have my “Stock Hat” on. The work today was for a different project and will never be uploaded to DT. I may have taken the long way of getting to the point of this blog, but why are you a photographer to begin with? Have you ever asked yourself that? Actually, you don’t really need to ask yourself that because photography is just something that you do. There are people who love to take pictures and then there are photographers.

I mentioned it had snowed; today I was out photographing a subject for my project and needless to say, it was cold. The wind didn’t help for being able to keep warm but there I was, standing on a back road, with my camera, and waiting for the clouds to move on. I saw the sun would come out for a short time if I waited, which was perfect, because the sun would be at my back and light the scene in front of me.

I’m not going to dare answering the question of why you are a photographer. When you stand out in bad weather waiting for the clouds to move, I think there is something to that. Doing photography for the sake of photography, knowing it has no use for stock or other endeavors, again, there may be something to that. And exploring your part of the world, becoming intimate with it, being inspired from it, there has to be something to that, too. I would think there has to be!

There is no time to do that when I go to places like Ayer’s Rock or Egypt because they do not belong to me, I snap pictures and move on. But in your special part of the world, do you snap pictures and move on? Or do you find yourself immersed in it?

Photo credits: Wisconsinart.

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December 20, 2010


agree with you,sometimes there is the stock world on one side and what you feel and see in front of nature or a subject on the other hand;they're both worth in a different way,but an intimate photo is what keeps the art in this part of world
all great pics,congratulations

December 07, 2010


Beautiful images. Congrats to you.

December 07, 2010


Great portfolio and blog - thanks for sharing.

December 06, 2010


Lovely photos, congrats for your images!

December 06, 2010


Great blog... Your portfolio is amazing... You're a great photographer.

December 06, 2010


congrats for your images!

December 05, 2010


Great photos. Your portfolio is amazing!

December 05, 2010


The photo of the pyramid is extraordinary! Congratulations :)

December 05, 2010


On Wisconsin.... Brother !

December 04, 2010


Very well written. Photography can be very satisfying personally and can also be therapeutic. I have recently realized that I have not done as you described and need to fully explore capturing the many great images surrounding my home. I have recently started a website and am dedicating a page to my town of Oakville to build on that theme. Thanks for sharing.

December 04, 2010


Hats off for the beauty of the world in Wisconsin & all the parts of the world! I can say I'm an illustrator & some one who loves to take pictures!
Hopefully one day I would take pictures of Petra (in Jordan) & the mountains of Sintra (Portugal) the way you shoot in Wisconsin! Best of luck :)

December 04, 2010


Wonderful portfolio, well done

December 04, 2010


I feel one thing photography can do is to capture memories. The moments of one's life freezed in time, forever. I guess that's the only way we can stop time? Capture the structures, landscapes and our environment before they do get demolished or lost.

December 04, 2010


You have 1/2 as many images as I have and you've double the sales ! So your quality of image and choice of subject must be excellent. Well done. David.

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