Why zero view?

I noticed that I have only one image with zero view.. It was online for 10 days. I personally like this image, I have a feeling this image can sale well, but Why still zero view.. this is out of my expectation..

May be the time is not right, If I am not wrong, now is spring season in US but not autumn.. This is the only reason I think. :)

Or may be is my key wording..

Anyway, I want to show you this image, and if you like it, just click on it to break the "Zero". Thanks! ;)

Photo credits: Annie Su Yee Yek.

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so i guess we discover what we should do to get views and sales to a image that has no views and sales. We should put this to test!!!


Thanks for your support!
Because of this blog..Now this image got 1 download and 32 views (less than one day)!


You have already 1 download and 31 views. Great! :) Wish you many more sales!


nice !! 23 views and going up!!!


Just click it too,nice image.


Very nice image and I have added it to my collection. It will sell.


Yes it's a nice image! Way to go with views & downloads :)


Wow !, got one sale! Now, I should change title to : If no sales, let's blog! it really works! :)


Thanks Joezachs, Ya, now got 12 views, may be I should change my blog title to : If no views, let's blog! :)


Hah, thanks Pony, you can do the same as me! :) Since I have only one image with Zero view, so just want to get some views.. :)


Zero views ?
I see 10 views :-)
Just kidding.
I like the keywords entered for this.


Hah. I have plenty of 0 views. what does a person have to do to get noticed around here haha. I like your image, it will sell.


Probably in summer-autumn you will have sales too:)Good luck in sales,i like it :)


Oh, finally no more zero, thanks! :))


I like it too and it's online, the keywords are good... maybe people can't face autumn just yet! Views will come I'm sure. I have the same problem with some photos sometimes, very sad when that happens.


I like it :)

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