Wide panorama collages

Digital picturing allows you to experiment things old analogic cameras wouldn't.

Panorama shooting camera was my dream when I started my photo activity....and now, I can try to create the same effect thanks to our new friend: Mr Postprocessing.

Using a simple Photoshop plug in it's easy to stick many pics together for a useful collage and high resolution large files.

Some attention must be paid to the wideangle distortion, and the use of a tripod is recommended.

So....rifle wildly and widely with your camera!!!

Photo credits: , Paolo Cipriani.

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I love panoramas!
Great images...congratulations!


for those that might be confused looking for "panorma" plugin... its not a plugin... its a feature of Photoshop (CS and later I think) called "Photomerge" found under the File menu and using Automation flyout. Also, don't let the techniques bog you down... everyone has a different preference. You can still get nice panos shooting hand-held and in landscape mode if you overlap at least 25%. PS Photomerge makes it really easy. Also... best to use manual settings and set them one for first frame. Then keep those settings for each of the shots to make a consistent look across the whole pano. Use either aperture priority or full manual for exposure. A bubble level (on camera and/or tripod) is helpful especially if piecing more than 3 photos together to keep horizons level.


I have not yet tried to get panorma image, but your clicks are awsome. I too will someday try my hands on it.


Wonderful panoramic images!


Really Nice...
Cheers :)


Beautiful images! Congratulations Paolo!


Great images! I too am finding the joys of panoramas :0)


if you want to have better panoramic you may want to get a fluid pan head for your tripod and shoot them in portrait so you can get more and more detail. I personally only move my cam half way across the frame so i can make sure that I never get a gap


Beautiful shots!!!! Great work

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