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Panoramas are very interesting when it comes to landscape photography. There is a sense of grandeur about them and the wide format makes them compelling.

I have had a fascination for panoramas since a long time. There are many ways to create them and some of the most powerful tools are even opensource.

My workflow as a hobbyist, is very simple.

When I find a subject that seems to have a panorama in it, I stand at a position that could serve as the horizontal center of the photograph. I take 4-5 photos panning from left to right, always keeping the focal length and my position constant.

The other two things one has to be careful about is with respect to the focus and exposure. As long as they are similar for all the photos, the job of stitching is very easy.

Advantages of a panorama in terms of microstock are manifold for the hobbyist:

1. They do not require expensive wide lenses.

2. Since you'll be stitching photos together, your megapixel count will only increase.

3. Even if you have a camera and lens combination which gives you not-so-sharp results, you can reduce the resolution of each image and still keep a healthy overall resolution.

You only have to look at the database here and see what sort of panoramas work. Who knows, a potentially great one might be just outside your window waiting to be clicked.

Photo credits: R S Vivek.


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November 06, 2012


Very nice panoramas! Thanks for sharing!

November 06, 2012


beatifull panorama :)

November 05, 2012


Lovely panoramas!

November 04, 2012


The other way to do this - using a wide angle lens - is to crop the photo to letter box size - 36x12 - i've a few on here done like that

November 02, 2012


I really like panoramas, yours look great.

November 02, 2012


Really nice panoramas, RS! I enjoy shooting panoramas too, and now it's so easy with Photoshop's Photomerge feature.

November 02, 2012


I also love panorama pictures. But it is hard to sell such pictures.

November 02, 2012


Thanks for the tips, I'd like to try some panoramas

November 02, 2012


Beautiful panoramas!Congratulations and good luck in sales!

November 02, 2012


Great advice for the creation of panoramas, I really like these images, congratulations!

November 02, 2012


Awesome mountain panorama :) Good job i hope more sales!

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