The WikiLeaks affair

In these days WikiLeaks draws our attention and the attention of many media, especially TV and newspapers, and of governments and secret services.

The latest news are that some backers of imprisoned Julian Assange, chief of WikiLeaks, made denial-of-service-attacks on the servers of MasterCard and PayPal.

So, here's may contribution to this theme: main internet page main internet page main internet page main internet page

Photo credits: Cristalloid.
  • Cristalloid
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December 12, 2010

Very good idea!


December 11, 2010

Great idea! Good luck for many sales!


December 11, 2010

Very good idea! Great photos!


December 10, 2010

Good luck!


December 10, 2010

Yes good idea!


December 10, 2010

Good idea!


December 10, 2010

Good luck with this images...


December 10, 2010

@Davidwatmough: yes, editorial


December 10, 2010

Good idea,congratulations :)


December 10, 2010

These must be editorial images ? Very smart idea. David.