Wild Glory

The natural world around us is truly a gift! While many look to doctors and medication for relief from distress and anxiety, a simple walk out the door to behold the “Wild Glory” of creation brings comfort and peace.- "They looked toward the wilderness, and, behold, the glory of the LORD appeared.” Exodus 16:10

Great Egret in wetland swamp habitat ecosystem

In his autobiography, W. Phillip Keller, author of the popular A Shepherd Looks at Psalms 23, describes a troublesome period in his youth when he is separated from his family, his home, and even his God. Yet it was brief escapes into the wild that renewed his faith. He writes, “In the outdoor world my heavenly Father had supplied a sweet solace for a struggling soul like mine. There was healing for my inner hurts in the quietness of the woods and fields. There was a consolation for my spirit in the wild glory of grass and birds.”

Great Egret with Fish

When the phone rings off the hook and workplace stress builds, I too need some “wild glory.” And thankfully, the Creator sends it! Each year in late July, a Great Egret returns to the pond behind my office in Georgia. And right on schedule, I saw him out there fishing this week. Standing still and erect, his head cocked to peer into the shimmering water under his long legs, he slowly coils his long neck to finally unleash a quick thrust for a small minnow or larger bream.

The Egret's appearance isn’t just on schedule with the calendar, but on schedule with my need for some calming from this hectic life.What soothing, what peace can be achieved just by beholding the creation of God! The psychologists can keep their prescriptions. I’ll dose myself with Wild Glory!

Photo credits: William Wise.

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September 04, 2020


Lovely article and well chosen (beautiful) photos - Thank you!

September 03, 2020


Very vivid pictures, beautiful and cute egrets. Thank you for the gift of nature, thank you for sharing!

September 02, 2020


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August 31, 2020


Great sentiments and vivid images! Your work calmed and enhanced my frantic work day.  Thanks!Happy Monday!

August 21, 2020


Well written William. I am presently in Finland and I have a bit more time to interact. I might write something in the next weeks. Blessings...

August 16, 2020


Finding and shooting White Egrets (and Great Blue Herons) in nature have somehow always enabled me to calm down and focus on the 'here and now' and let the clutter of daily angst slide away. Daily swamp visits for me have become therapeutic. Nice article and pictures!  

August 09, 2020


Great photos; well done. 

August 07, 2020


Hi William superb shots of the Egret! The first shot I really like as the soft tones of green make a lovely backdrop to the stark contrast of the colours of the bird, wonderfully framed! We certainly are blessed with God's creation all around us, it is nice you have drawn attention to this aspect. I have included a link to a very short video clip relating to the colours in birds particularly the iridescence which I would like to share with you and all your readers....hope you enjoy!     https://www.jw.org/en/library/videos/#en/mediaitems/VODBibleCreation/docid-502019458_1_VIDEO

August 07, 2020


Great photos! So lucky to be there at the right moment.

August 06, 2020


Very good post!

August 06, 2020


Great photos!!

August 06, 2020


Beautiful! The natural world around us is truly a gift!  Thanks for sharing :) 

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