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Photographer friends we all know, often in very remote field, it is easy to get lost, I here to share five recruit to distinguish between the north and the south direction of small knowledge, hope is helpful for you:

Method one: you can find a tree pile observation, annual ring width is the south;

Method 2: or to find a tree, on the northern side of the south side of wide spreading and sparse;

Method 3: to observe the ant cave, the mouth of the cave is mostly toward the south;

Method 4: many in the rock, you can also find a striking rocks to observe, rocks covered with moss side is on the north side, dry bare side to the south;

Method 5: you can also use a watch to identify the direction: your time is divided by 2, and the aim of the quotient of the sun, on 12 has pointed out the direction of the dial is to the north.

Photo credits: Hanbaoluan.

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November 05, 2013


Great work! Beautiful images! Very beautiful! Congratulations!

November 05, 2013


Your images are amazing.

November 05, 2013


Really great images!

November 03, 2013


wonderful images! and useful info. thanks for sharing.

November 02, 2013


Very good work!

November 02, 2013


Beautiful images, very good work!

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