Wildlife and Movement First Try

I set myself an assignment the other day, to capture animal movement with my new sigma 70-200 2.8 OS lens and new Canon 7D.

Being fairly new to photography and exploring my new kit, I was eager

to get some decent shots. Put the camera on TV mode and tried various speeds from 500 to 1200.

Here's one that Dreamstime accepted.

Any tips, on capturing movement from any wildlife/sport's photographers among you?

Thanks for looking...

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August 11, 2012


To capture the movement of animals you have to use a technique called "panning", you must disconnect the stabilizer lens and use the slow as 1 30 1 15 of a second, try and make all possible experiments, while the important thing is' animal moves you have to hook it with the autofocu and follow it with the lens, like a camera. To perform this technique, I suggest you set the fotrocamera in depth manual and close around the iris, perhaps adding a polarizer, though there is much sun. Hope that was helpful! Greetings!

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Photo credits: Artalis.