If you are planning to go on safari, this is especially important. You do not want the pictures of your once in a lifetime trip to be a mess.

It is for this reason that I suggest you construct a good Action Plan to improve your wildlife pictures. A good period for incorporating this Action Plan is one year. One year because I think this gives you sufficient time to get everything in order. You need to consider the following main headings when constructing your Action Plan:

1. Subject


3. Technique

4. Equipment

1. Subject:- What is your wildlife photography subjects when taking wildlife pictures. Wildlife of course. Does this include captive animals? Yes offcourse. We can get great shots in zoo which are difficult to shoot in wild. Our focus should be on taking pictures of wild animals and birds in their natural habitats.

2. Destinations:- Wildlife photography means you have to visit natural habitats of wildlife where it all happens. Safari to the national parks,game reserve's and local nature conservation areas is great for photographing wild.

Bird photography is tough but one can start practicing in his back garden only.This is also a good place for insect and spider pictures.

3. Technique:- Technique for good wild life photography is getting your camera settings correct, composition of the subjectr, zoom lens at the best focal length, chosing the best day for photography, using tripod whenever possible.

4. Equipment:- The best camera system to use for wildlife photography is undoubtedly the 35mm SLR system. One very important feature that is a must for wildlife photography is fast continuous autofocus. This helps you track a moving subject while staying in focus all the time.

Getting the correct equipment for the job is important, as the quality of your photographs depends heavily on the quality of your equipment. If you feel you are lacking in this department, you should incorporate a way to acquire better equipment into your Action Plan.

Hope this information helps you in taking wildlife photographs, best of luck.

Photo credits: Iphotoexpert.

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November 03, 2008


great blog, thanks for the info!

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