Will Barack Obama be a Good President?

Just yesterday my wife and I were at the We Are One Concert at the Lincoln Memorial for the inauguration of Barack Obama. Like many we were were turned away due to huge lines trying to get through security. The guy said the wait would be so long that the 2 hour concert would be over by the time we got in. The Washington Monument grounds had large screens broadcasting the concert so that is were we went. Over 500,000 people attended this concert and my wife and I became separated unable to locate each other. There were just too many people. Some people brought cell phones and were able to hook up with one another.

My hope is that Barack Obama can live up to the hype and become one of this country's greatest presidents. He has to tackle three huge problems, the war in Iraq, our dependence on foreign oil and the financial crisis, all of these problems can ruin the USA if not the world. As the nation's first black president he is about to make history. I believe he is sincere and will do his best. Will his best be good enough-only time will tell.

Tomorrow is the Inauguration and huge crowds of over 2 million are expected. Security lines will be over 4 hours long and transportation facilities unable to cope with people expecting to return home. Many people will have to walk home instead of taking any form of public transportation. Last night I had to walk home most of the way to our condo in northwest D.C. No buses were available. If you are attending the Inauguration or Parade the security lines could be 4 hours so arrive early. My wife and I may attend the parade.

I took many photos of the pre inauguration concert and one of my favorites is of three woman holding up an American flag inscribed with the words of Martin Luther King. The sign says to judge a person by the content of their character and I believe that the American people have chosen to do so with Barack Obama. The black people of this country have reached the promised land as Martin Luther King predicted.

Tips for photography may include focusing not just on the crowds but individuals or small groups of people. Take lots of photos as this is a historic event not likely to be repeated soon. Take crowd shots and individual shots, marching bands etc. The next time we may see such huge crowds will be for president Barack Obama's reelection and the future election of the nations first woman president. Good luck and hope to see you there.

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Photo credits: Andrew Doran, Dubesor, Danny Raustadt, Richard Gunion, Tdmartin, Pavel Khorenyan, Vincent Giordano, Yanik Chauvin.

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Agree with Irisangel completely. "not first choice" - "no choice" - "pray"...


What an event to be a part of no matter where you are! The Internet has changed how we can view this as people all over the world can be 'in the mall'. Only time will tell if he can be successful. He certainly has many people in his corner.


This is definitely the photo event of the year, so be there and have plenty of batteries, memory and warm clothes. Do your best to get close, as close as you can get. And taking photos of the crowd is indeed a great idea. But I would still make my way to see him ;)


Yes I agree with you guys, and I pray that Obama be a good president. I'm always been a fan of Obama, even though I'm not an American, we in India did celebrate his election success. I just only hope that he brings peace to all, including the Middle East. I wish him success and pray for his success.


In response to your question, Will Barack Obama be a Good President? He was not my first choice, but he is now "My President" and I will pray for his success and our country as I have always done. God Bless America! BTW, you got some great images.

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