when will I sell the first pic?

I feel a bit disappointed because I've been here about one month but never sell any pic.

I'm wonder when will I sell the first one?

Photo credits: Chloehall.


first sale

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September 24, 2011


Please be patient. It takes time but it will come - sooner or later.

August 30, 2011


Keep uploading and try to learn as much as you can, sales will come soon

August 25, 2011


Hi Chloehall,

Give it some more time, I had my first stock sale with Dreamstime so it holds a special place in my memories. Try to set a goal of 50 images and focus on that for a while, the sales will come with it.

Good luck ;)

August 25, 2011


It was about 6 weeks before I got my first sale and I remember asking a similar question when I started and a common answer seems to be between a month and two.

Keep plodding on taking the best pictures that you can and increase your portfolio and let the sales look after themselves.

August 25, 2011


I´m sure there will be many sales soon...Keep uploading and be patient! Have a nice day!

August 24, 2011


thanks for you all

August 24, 2011



I've sold my first image after one month and it was about 20 images in my portfolio. You will sell some pics, that's true. Just do what you want, enjoy it, love it and the main - keep uploading :)

Good luck!

August 24, 2011


Don´t give up! Keep working!

August 24, 2011


Don't worry, we all start the same way... Just keep loading images.

August 24, 2011


Don.t be upsaid about it..sales will come.Hard but they will.If is any worth i sold just 7 photos this month and i have 212 online:)Keep uploading

August 24, 2011


Like the others have already said... it takes a lot of patience and determination, but you'll be rewarded if you keep at it!
Good luck!

August 24, 2011


First a warm welcome to the community....

I can only speak for myself and for me the first sales was after a month having a portfolio of 27 photos. My very first sales within stock was with other agencies though DT was the first agency to which I made an upload.

The more pictures in your portfolio... the more steady (growing) your sales will be. Kind of math......

There is a real cool guide to stock written by the chief editor of the Minolta club in the UK. (it is online) don

See: http://www.photoclubalpha.com/2011/01/02/30-key-points-about-stock-photography-dphotoexpert/

Making money with your hobby is a true reward. getting paid for becomming a better photographer is even better.



August 24, 2011


Upload more and try to get many different subjects. I had my first sale after about 3 weeks and after that they just keep coming every other day. But NOT all my images sell. Try to find out what sells and what not by uploading a big diversity of images and try to focus on that. Also... you only have 17 images online so the changes of selling are very slim. Keep in mind that there are several millions of images here. Also, most buyers are subscriptions so your first sell could only be as much as 23 cents so you need as much sales as possible to get to that $100 and with 17 images that will take years. Keep uploading and you will sell!

Good luck!

August 24, 2011


Keep uploading images and build your portfolio, promoting your portfolio with some of social network tools or with your blog or website and very soon you will be "awarded" with sales. At the beginning of this business, we all have to take some extra efforts to start sale and earn some money. Good luck!

August 24, 2011


I would be not telling the truth if I would say I don't really care about my sales - the first sale is really very important and it really took a few months till I did my first sale - but more important for me is to learn from the others and put heaps of good pictures in - everything else will happen because it's always all about numbers - I like your pictures and I think you already have a good eye on what the market is looking for.

August 24, 2011


I even waited more than two months before selling my first image, you must wait and be patient!

August 24, 2011


My quickest sale was 3 days from upload, but the very first sale I made took almost two months from the first image uploaded which really did seem a long time when I was checking almost daily (in fact often many times a day!). Do not loose heart, you will get started eventually and as your portfolio increases sales will come quicker.

August 24, 2011


You need a lot of patience at the start and even more patience later on !!!!!! David. You will succeed eventually if you keep going.

August 24, 2011


Keep uploading. You really have very nice images and I'm sure soon you will see the first sale! :)

August 24, 2011


谢谢leshuishi!thanks to luis and digikmer.

August 24, 2011


Keep uploading but remember your 17 pictures are hard to find when there are 11,869,266 pictures in the database. Good luck :-)


August 24, 2011


Wait, keep good state of mind.

August 24, 2011



August 24, 2011


I know the first picture is like a confirmation that your work is somehow valuable but do not worry sales will come. Keep uploading. Best luck

August 24, 2011


I started to sell mine when my portfolio is approaching the three digits. Most of my sells are related the my area, The Hague. It suspect the local newspaper who bought my pictures for their magazines, webpage etc...
So, I can advise you to keep uploading good pictures and the sales will come. Good luck!

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