Will a resolution increase of my images improve my sales???

I've been looking around DT for different photographers and their different subjects and techniques trying to establish what sells better and leaving subjects and/or technique aside I've reached the conclusion that many of the bests sellers on DT use higher resolution cameras.

Vintage photo camera

This brings me to my dilemma: will it improve my sales if I invest in a new higher resolution camera?? I mean, don't get me wrong, I won't get this new camera exclusively for DT photography, but still ... it wouldn't hurt to increase my sales here also!

Vintage film camera

Since I'm a big Nikon fan, and having a real opportunity to get the new D3X at an attractive price, I found myself asking if I should invest in this new equipment!

I own a D300 which is all that I want in a camera, except maybe for the fact that it's not FX, and I had recently the opportunity to shoot some images with a D3 equipped with a 14-24mm G which was an entire new experience (the images I'm talking about are pending for the moment and will be available starting next week) and that made me want to get an upgrade. So, should I just go FX (which is not such an expensive upgrade) or should I go all the way and get the new 24mpix FX camera! Is the double resolution increase worth it??

Vintage photo camera

Hope to get some responses from experienced photographers of our community! Thanks!

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I have a request to all designers that will buy some of my images : let me know where I can find them along with your work! Thanks!!
Also a special "thanks" to all those who appreciate my work!

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January 10, 2010

i don't even think you should be worrying about changing your equipment. doubling the resolution is not going to necessarily double your sales. i'd say stick with what you have and enjoy the wealth on getting something for your special ones.
unless your current camera is broken or something, wait till you really need to replace it. by then, the 24MP will be a lot cheaper.


December 16, 2009

no, higher resolution won't help, this is the last thing that can boost your sales. From my experience, sales of images in original 21 mpx are extremely rare :(


December 11, 2009

The top sellers have higher res. gear because they are top sellers and can afford the best equipment. This doesn't mean that their images sell because of the high res. camera though, they might just be the top sellers because their images are top sellers ;-)


December 11, 2009

More resolution certainly gives you options for cropping etc but the trend in the industry is very much for smaller web res image use so it is hard to justify more resolution for general stock photography. For instance ******** Images are accepting Images through Flickr of less than 4mp. Given you already have a very good camera in your D300 I'd resist the temptation to upgrade.


December 10, 2009

You already know you take great photographs. But why so few sales?

First of all, you have multiple images of virtually every subject and a few I had to look at more than once to see what the differences were. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you were forced to select no more than two images of each subject, your portfolio size would probably be around 60-90 images. The point is your images compete against each other; you can't always think in terms of "My portfolio has X images and Y sales so it should have the same ratio to other portfolios." I would say you're doing well for a portfolio with 60-90 images.

The vast majority of your images are landscapes and portraits. The database is very saturated with those types of images. It's like the salmon running; only a few will ever make it upstream to the spawning grounds.

I guess what I'm trying to say is there is a big difference between great images and images that sell. You are very talented and skilled but sometimes you have to suppress the artist in you and let the stuffy businessman take over. You already know how to take great pictures. Think about what might sell and do subjects where you will have as little competition as possible.

Are the models you have your family? Or people you have access to? I'll bet you 10 bucks if you take a picture of Mom and child sitting in a waiting room at the doctor's office it will sell. Sometimes the mundane and unimaginative will be great sellers. But the doctor office scene tells a story and evokes a feeling that people can relate to. Is Mom and child smiling/happy or sickly/worried? We've all been there and can relate to the scene we are looking at.

Diversify, try new ideas, experiment. Your camera and talent are the least of your worries.

Mom comforting child having bad dream. Family playing board game together. Man changing tire. Kids giving Mom breakfast in bed. Does that help with ideas? Geez, if I had access to a pretty female and kids, I could quit my day job. :)

I'm just but one opinion, there is nothing above you have to agree with. I am not a Stock God but I am, at the very least, having fun trying different things.


December 10, 2009

Well as a buyer myself, only 10 percent of the time we buy high or maximum size image, and i agree with Brad


December 10, 2009

If you have a D300 already, I don't think you can justify any body upgrade on potential sales - it is a very capable camera... Get the sales rolling in first! Resolution alone won't help sales much, in my opinion.