A protracted labor of love attempting to create a true color photograph. Ultimately, converting this image to black and white transformed it from pretty girl holding a Pelican wing for no particular reason, into maiden imbued with metaphysical poetry. "Nike was the winged goddess or spirit (daimon) of victory, both in battle and peaceful competition." During the process I spent so much time studying Tasya I feel far more tuned into her unique beauty. Then she wrote me...:

"Wind", in Ayurveda, is directly related to touch.

Wings are a way of touching the air so closely that it can hold us up.

and pelicans are ancient . . . they are prehistoric dinosaur birds...they are our link to the collective spirit consciousness first "taking wing" . . . believing that it could be weightless. and yet, the pelican is still a part of the sea. Still a part of our most primal beginnings, our deepest mother. I have always been fascinated with diving water birds. there is no realm that is not open to them. their consciousness, in a sense, is everywhere.

"I was a wing, in heaven blue,

soared over the ocean,

soared over Spain,

and i was free, needed nobody

it was beautiful, it was beautiful

and if there's one thing, could do for you

you'd be a wing, in heaven blue"

(Patti Smith)


Photo credits: Elena Ray Microstock Library © Elena Ray.

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