Wethermen predicted strong wind (160 km/h) for tomorrow so I wanted to ask you, if you have any experience in photographing in strong wind?

Any good ideas? I live in a village and there's a forest nearby. Thank you for suggestions :)

© Chuyu

Photo credits: Chuyu, Darren Baker.

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March 02, 2011


Great images...

March 02, 2011


Maybe you should stay in the house if you care about your camera :P

March 02, 2011


Be careful if the wind is too strong! ;)

March 02, 2011


I remember a lady mentioning that she never took out her camera once it was sunset.
Similarly I should say never venture out with your camera on a real windy day. You will not get good pictures (and when it is a forest, then safety factor is also to be considered)

March 02, 2011


Hey, be sure you'll have very heavy shoes. And no umbrella, if it's raining. Just kidding, Meryll said her point. And she's wright.

March 02, 2011


I would say it is very danger to go outside (forest) in such condition, try to take photos from your home. I doubt you could take photos seriously in such strong wind in open space.

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