Wine and alcoholic Beverage

In many country we have the tradition to drink alcoholic beverage, in italy the wine is the most popular one, and we have many Kind of wine. On your country what is the most popular kind alcoholic beverage and which one is your favorit one.

My favorite alcoholic beverage is the wine, and i prefer the red one most of the time i drink yong wine like the Bejoule novou, and i drinked mostly during the meals.

Also I started an collection about wine, if you have any image about wine please let me no


Photo credits: Morgan Capasso.

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February 29, 2008


some time i like bear's as well for an few years i was leaving in los angeles California and now one of my favorit bears is Corona's


February 29, 2008


Here in Texas, USA the alcohol of choice is Beer (Budweiser is here in Houston). But I personally love my wines instead of beer, I am more of a blush person, but you can never go wrong with a nice Riesling. If I am not in the wine mood, its rum and diet coke is the drink of choice. You have a lot of great wine shots :-)

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