Wine cellars

In continue of wine theme I`d like tell about wine cellars in Moldova. There are famous unique underground labyrinths especially

for its wines. The greatest part of them placed under the ground, at a depth of 60-80 m representing, indeed,

a huge Underground City of Wine, the numerous galleries of which spread at a length of more than 60 km. These labyrinths have a truly unique,

exclusively favorable original microclimate: the whole year round the naturally constant temperature here is about +12

and the humidity – about 97-98%, which are the most propitious conditions one can imagine for the birth, development and aging of exquisite wines.

Method of producing sparkling wines invented centuries ago and means of the secondary in-bottle fermentation

and an ultimate maturation cuvee in horizontal position of at least 3 years.

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Photo credits: Alexei Averianov.