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Having worked in the wine industry for a number of years, I am constantly searching for good wine stock photography. We are fortunate to hire professional photographers for many projects, but when the budget does not allow this, I turn to stock photography. I usually turn to traditional more expensive stock phtography, not microstock to find what I need. I'd love to find better images here on Dreamstime.

The images I need the most are glasses of wine and food shots with glasses of wine. I create a lot of coupons that have a wine and seafood offer or similar. For my projects, I don't want to see more than a hint of a bottle and definitely not the label since it would obviously be the wrong bottle for the particular wine brand I'm working on. I know there are needs other than my own, but the wine industry is huge and there is a niche to be filled.

Here are the big mistakes I see over and over:

1. The glass is too full. It shouldn't be more than half filled. A third full is ideal, especially for red wines. Go to the website of the wine glass company, Riedel to see how full their glasses are.

2. The wrong glass is being used. A generic wine glass is usually okay for most shots, but a Champagne glass shouldn't be used for red wine. Plain glasses are best as opposed to stylized glasses. Again the Riedel site is helpful.

3. Grapes in the shot. First of all, it's cheesy and contrived and secondly the grapes are table grapes from the grocery store, not wine grapes which look different.

4. The wrong wine for the food. It's best to stick with the tried and true — red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat/seafood.

I've picked out two Dreamstime images that follow the rules. If all of the above mistakes were eliminated, and the quality of wine photos improved, my searches would be quicker and I would be happy!

Photo credits: Adrian Matthiassen, Thomas Perkins.

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new wine photos added lots of options


Great to have direction from a prospective buyer. Thanks


Very useful, thank you.


And what you think about my pics ? Here :
On table


I appreciate your time in writing these tips. I will heed your advice.


Hi. I took a look at your wine collection and you have some very beautiful vineyard shots. I did notice in the photo with two bottles of wine that the glasses were for Champagne, not still wine. I think the photo with the seafood and the wine glasses in the background is very nice. The table and chairs also adds to the picture, giving a feeling of enjoying the good life.

You are so lucky to live in a beautiful country. I have traveled to Italy twice and I love it! I had my honeymoon in Positano two years ago.



hi please look at my wine collection and u will find just that wine glass plus food


very informative, its all these little details that i think make photos either sell or just exist. thanks!


Thanks for taking the time to write this. It is very useful.


nice writeup, I have worked in f&b for years and actually started having to shoot my own cocktails due to exactly these problems

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