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Hi there!

Sitting at my desk I'm looking outside at the rusty view...

Here, where we live, November is almost the beginning of Christmas :)

Just a few more days, and, Yupee.... There we go.

You can see already that people started to move faster, they smile better than usual and talk more. Also, children... oh yes, the children have more questions, they are nicer

and even more hardworking. Of course, Christmas is almost here. And also the gifts.

It is colder outside, but no worries. I'll have an extra hat and scarf.

Or, may be, some ear muffs and trimmed gloves.

As soon as the snow is falling, I'll go outside with my love, finding a bench in the parc and becoming romantic.

Doesn't matter who's looking :)

As a photographer, I'll have more time in the studio now.

Hopefully, I'll have more pictures on-line to. I can see that the level of quality is growing and growing.

Oh, I just wait the Christmas time! Having all the family together...

For me, it is the most beautiful time in the year.

I wonder, what means Christmas for you?

Photo credits: Lavigna.

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November 07, 2012


Great images!! Wish you many luck!!

November 07, 2012


Great.... Winter will soon be here.. gonna prepared new image for winter :)

November 07, 2012


Thank you Egomezta! Good luck to you to!

November 06, 2012


Great images, good luck with them.

November 06, 2012


Thank you Laviart!

November 06, 2012


Thank you Clearvista! Wish you all the best!

November 06, 2012


I love Christmas! I love its special flavors. But the most, I like the way people interact.

November 06, 2012


Yes Winter will soon be here, and I share your joy of Christmas to come soon. Family time together is always a wonderful time.

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